John Hankins is a seasoned newsman with 25 years'
experience as a journalist. He will gather an historical
record of your choice. Please contact John directly with your request>>


  • History of the environmental movement in the tri-counties area
  • Turbulent history of permitting oil projects
  • Unocal diluent spill in Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo counties
  • County government restructuring
  • State Water Project history, costs, politics and desalinization
  • Shark attack on urchin diver
  • Marine accidents
  • Channel Islands issues
  • Japanese bombing of Ellwood during WWII
  • Voting records of various County Supervisors
  • Goleta water moratorium
  • Santa Ynez River flooding issues
  • Painted Cave fire
  • Globetrotters' false arrest in Santa Barbara after a bank robbery
  • Judge Bruce Dodds' controversial career
  • Economy of the tri-counties
  • Housing prices and projects in Santa Barbara County
  • Gin Chow water litigation and history
  • Supervisor Bill Wallace versus Willy Chamberlin
  • Tri-counties state politics
  • Shopping center wars of Goleta
  • Faulty polybutalene pipe lawsuit in Santa Maria
  • Various murder trials, including the recent Vandenberg Credit Union murder and robbery, Dorantes murder, Dennis Boyd Miller conviction
    for triple slaying and many more




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